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27 April 2017

Bespoke video brochures are an innovative and effective way to connect with your target audience

Marketing experts calculate that video will soon account for 70% of consumer internet traffic, but it’s not just online where video will play a key role. Video brochures are also a fabulous marketing tool in areas like direct marketing. Crucially, seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching bespoke video content.

Video brochures typically consist of a flat screen inside a traditional brochure or book cover. Operating free of wires, internet access or software downloads the format is incredibly user-friendly. All your customer has to do is open the brochure, press ‘Play’ and your multimedia presentation is off and running. Most videos are short plays on 4.3” screens, but screen size and memory cards can be expanded – the latter for up to 3 hours running time.


Jazzbones have designed a range of video brochures for Miele, targeting the multinational’s dealers in order to promote new domestic appliances, customer events and special offers. Miele have been delighted with the results, reporting a boost in sales and take-up rates for events. In fact, some videos were so popular that dealers deployed them as showroom POS, notably in John Lewis and Harrods.

We have created effective video brochures for clients in the travel, retail, property and charity sectors that have been used for direct marketing, POS, internal communications, product guides and event giveaways. That experience in video production/content and packaging design makes Jazzbones Video the perfect one-stop solution for your video brochure requirements.

Jeff King

Jazzbones lead scriptwriter