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06 May 2017

FACT. Online videos, CGI and animations increase consumer engagement with brands.

Literally millions of new videos are posted online every day, but it would be a mistake to think those numbers are all about gurning teenagers and comical pets. As video approaches 70% of consumer internet traffic, it’s a format that is making a huge impact on the way businesses engage with customers new and old. If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine the impact of expertly crafted moving pictures.

Bespoke videos, CGI and animations posted strategically on Social Media as part of a content marketing strategy can convey your message and engage with your target audience in record time and with remarkable clarity. It is one thing to put your product or service in words, it’s quite another to show your audience who you are or what you are selling with cut to the chase videos.


If you are targeting consumers then a compelling video posted on the right platform is a great way to engage with them and generate immediate sales or bookings. If your video is B2B consider this – what CEO, financial director or purchasing manager has the time to plough through reams of unsolicited text? By contrast, a video can communicate clear and sophisticated messages in the time it takes key decision makers to stir their cappuccinos.

Jazzbones Video have produced all-singing, all-dancing videos with location shoots and a cast of thousands, but we’ve also created videos on modest budgets using simple animations and infographics. We can provide strategic advice on which Social Media platforms will ensure your videos get maximum exposure. Research shows that seven in ten people view brands in a more positive light after watching bespoke video content. Working closely with our clients to produce genuinely bespoke video content for Social Media is what we do best.

Jeff King

Jazzbones lead scriptwriter