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11 July 2017

Video Killed the Radio Conservative Star! It could be an equally powerful tool for your business.

When Theresa May called the snap general election in April she was immediately cast as the undisputed star of the impending political campaign. The Conservatives were rebranded ‘Theresa May’s Team’ and the party’s name was all but purged from its own election literature.

Yet by June 8th and election day, the Prime Minister’s star had waned dramatically. Her personal approval ratings had fallen to minus 20 per cent, down from plus 21% before the election, an unprecedented negative swing.

So what went wrong for the hapless occupant of 10 Downing Street? 

Like most inclusive businesses, Jazzbones Video would never dream of taking a party political stance – after all, why drive away potential customers?! That said, as video gurus we were mightily impressed by the way the Labour Party used Social Media and video blogs to derail Theresa May’s election campaign.

Whether you see Jeremy Corbyn as the new messiah or a revolutionary fantasist, he clearly struck a chord that resonated with millions of younger voters, but that undeniable success was not solely about his message, it was also about how he communicated his proposals to the electorate while effectively trashing May’s (Dementia Tax anyone?).

One of the main reasons that Labour secured a whopping two-thirds of the youth vote was because their digital strategists produced compelling online content that went viral in spectacular fashion. The Conservatives spent far more on tone deaf paid ads, but online-savvy youngsters simply ignored them.

The driving force behind Labour’s dynamic Social Media campaign was grass roots political movement Momentum, and a key tool, if not THE key tool, deployed by their team was online video. Take these two staggering statistics alone – one in three Facebook users shared a Labour post in the campaign and one particular Momentum produced video reached 17 million Facebook users.

Labour posted videos by award-winning film director Ken Loach and others starring Doctor Who (David Tennant) and Doctor Watson (Martin Freeman), but the real buzz was generated by online blogs created by ordinary young supporters and then shared massively among their peers. It was all about a constant stream of relevant content posted by trusted sources on the right platforms.

A similar principal applies to business and marketing videos. An all-singing, all-dancing video campaign is worthless if no-one gets to see it. When Jazzbones Video create films and animations for our clients it’s not a vanity exercise, it’s about setting strategic targets and obtaining concrete results - whether that’s measured in new leads, higher sales, cross-selling, increased ‘likes’, or more donations.

Once we have identified the most relevant platform (desktop? mobile? tablet?) we will produce bespoke video content that works most effectively in that context. At the same time, we will fine-tune your call to action - ‘Vote Labour’ was a clear and urgent call to action; an effective business video will have an equally clear message. Our strategic thinking also encompasses cross-channel marketing; that means planning how to direct video viewers to your app or website content.

Making the right creative impact with a video means getting the format, appeal, interactivity, tone, and brand personality right. Theresa May failed on every single one of those counts during the election campaign. If her successor gets those elements right and embraces the synergy between Social Media and online videos, the Conservatives may one day get the stonking majority they so crave.


Jeff King

Jazzbones lead scriptwriter