Seductive destination video showcase. Japan...

A recent survey on the growing impact of travel videos was titled ‘Video Killed The Travel Writer’. That obituary may be a tad premature, but online traffic for travel related videos is up 60% since 2015, and thanks to technological advances video marketing is now an accessible tool for companies of all sizes and budgets. Crucially, it’s a tool that packs a real punch in the hands of the best creative professionals. Japan’s temples, pagodas, lakes and mountains make the country a natural paradise, but Jazzbones’ expertly crafted video adds even more of the wow factor using a cornucopia of colours, eye-catching angles and sweeping tracking shots.


“Like all the best Destination Marketing videos, our Japan showcase not only seduces the viewer, it leaves them wanting to experience the real thing first hand. Who wouldn’t fancy booking a Japanese holiday after watching such a beautifully shot and masterfully edited video?” 

Key Services

Storyboard  /  Location Video  /  Video Production  /  Post Production & Editing  /  Sound Engineering