Atmospheric product video brings Miele vacuum cleaner to life

Animated motion video is a cutting-edge medium that’s perfect for delivering powerful messages to your audience and showcasing your product. The images for our latest product demo video were captured by Jazzbones’ video and photography team, taking a Miele vacuum cleaner as their product focus. Our animators then edited a sequence of those studio images using industry-leading editing software. It was a painstaking process, but the results make it worthwhile; dynamic jump cuts synchronized with engaging music to create a formidable impact. The discerning use of chiaroscuro (the way that light and dark areas create patterns) adds to the powerful mood.


It’s relatively easy to make a sports car look exciting, but everyday household objects like the vacuum cleaner provide more of a challenge. As you can see from our product video demo, it’s a dilemma that animated video is well-equipped to handle; the dramatic red and black colour splash presenting the vacuum in a whole new light.

Key Services

Video Animation  /  Video Editing  /  Product Photography  /  Video Sound Engineering