Eye-catching infographics support Miele's product launch online and in-store

For more than half a decade Jazzbones have worked closely with Miele to market the multinational’s high-end range of kitchen and domestic appliances. At the heart of the campaign to promote the company’s innovative Heat Pump Tumble Dryers was an infographic video which highlights the new range’s USPs in a fun and engaging way. Our colourful animated video was deployed successfully as a key launch asset in stores across the UK and also on multiple online and Social Media platforms.



Miele is the UK’s number one manufacturer of Heat Pump Dryers and our job was to demonstrate exactly why that is the case using eye-catching animations and bold typography. Given that Miele customers would be viewing the video on platforms as diverse as in-store big screens and small mobile phones, our video producers made sure we created striking infographic animations that worked whatever the format. Miele’s Heat Pump Dryers are efficient, economic and easy on the eye … just like the animated infographic from Jazzbones Video!

Key Services

Storyboard  /  Video Infographic  /  CGI Editing  /  Typography  /  Sound Engineering