Personal Injury claims process brought to life by animated videos

Swindon Accident Solicitors (SAS) have been helping local families with compensation claims for over 20 years. If the worst happens and people need to make a claim, SAS work diligently to ensure accident victims get the compensation they deserve. As part of Jazzbones’ content management remit across the law firm’s website and Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, we produced a series of animated video teasers designed to promote the respected practice’s core services. Our initial SAS-branded animations focus on workplace accident and road traffic accident claims.


Given that accident victims often feel intimated by the complexities of personal injury claims, the SAS video animations focus on delivering clear, concise messages about the company’s personalised and friendly service. Simple graphics, bright colours and bold typography are used to convey a simple message – if you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, SAS will take the stress out of the claims process and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

Key Services

Concept  /  Storyboard  /  Video Animation  /  Video Editing  /  Script